About Kundalini Yoga

What is Kundalini Yoga?

Kundalini Yoga can be described as a series of postures, breath patterns, mudras and meditations to help us relax, open the Chakras, balance the mind and stay young and feel alive.  More deeply, it is a science that uncoils the Sacred pool of energy within – so we can awaken a connection with the Divine impulse of the Universe. As our 3rd Eye Intuition unfolds, we can subtly, deeply discover our own Sacred Purpose in life.  

                            “The Crown of Spirituality cannot be conquered. It is always bestowed.“

                                                          Let us Purify so we can be the Flow.

                                      “Let us uncoil ourselves and make an impression on this Earth.”

Tuning In:

Before beginning any Kundalini Yoga practice, we first tune into the Golden Chain of Teachers, and our own higher self, using the Adi Mantra – chanted internally or out loud.  It can be chanted 3-5 times. We bow and make salutations to a Higher Wisdom, so it may flow through us. 

                                                         “Where we bow, from there we receive.”



Ong - Oh Great Creative Force

Namo - We Bow to You

Guru - Oh Infinite wisdom that takes us from Darkness to Light

Dev - Angelic & Transparent, which we do not see,  

Namo - We Bow to You

“I bow to the Infinite Creative Consciousness.”
“I bow to the Divine Wisdom within me and Beyond.”

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