Kundalini Lineage

The Futile Flow of Fate 

The Golden Chain 

Reflective Energy 

Love of Lineage 

These films by Mandev share the story of our Kundalini lineage - past, present and future. 

"In 2020 when her Kundalini yoga lineage was attacked, filmmaker Mandev responded.
“The Futile Flow of Fate”, “The Golden Chain”, “Reflective Energy”, and now at the Winter Solstice (2020), “Love of Lineage”, are four films that reveal a previously unknown energetic current existing in the lineage and explicate the mystic mystery of the sacred Golden Chain of Teachers.
This is high-level spirituality using film to activate cosmically connected thought-forms.
Deeply researched, historically eye-opening, Mandev weaves images in a mesmerizing Tantric formation and opens a portal of understanding that is as new as it is unique.
Using the music of the Grammy award winning band White Sun, the films create a dream space alive with form begetting form, understanding deepening understanding, knowledge becoming insight, and clarity expanding, growing, becoming. A poetic mandala for traveling the spiritual path.
Required viewing for anyone connected with the Kundalini yoga lineage and enlightening for anyone who has ever looked into the sky and wondered why."
- Harijiwan