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Join Tej , Harijiwan, Guru Jagat and Gurujas for a powerful Kundalini Yoga training course on February 22-28, 2021 online at RA MA

  • Explore the science and technology of Kundalini Yoga from the point-of-view of the physical body
  • Elemental Immersion of the 5 Elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Ether and how each element effects your energetic make-up 
  • 10-Body System Analysis 
  • Evaluate the Immune System, Circulatory System and Cellular Systems and how they work as a trinity in the viral environment
  • Send sound signals, brain-wave patterns, into the cellular system to reprogram any imbalances and to elevate the cells vibratory frequency.
  • Use of the RA MA DA SA SA SAY SO HUNG mantra to create healing energetic patterns in the body, the organs, the cellular system, the 10 bodies and how to project that healing pattern into the 10-body system of someone else. 

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