So Purkh

So Purkh

(“That Great Manifested Being”)

A personal account of Guru Ram Das’ vision of God --whosoever perfects this always shall have a personal vision and experience of the Infinite -- you can talk to God person to person.

Chant This:

To heal a man, and bring him to a state of God-consciousness.

To attract a Man of God -- in the form of a husband.

To attract a Man of God -- as your male child, through birth.

To protect you from the beastly nature of men.

To protect you from the dark energies -- enemies cannot even think of you.

To cast away negative spells (curses) in the destiny.

To have an experience of God face to face, in a very personal manner.

For deep self-respect, and self esteem: Be the “So Purkh.”

Knowledge and wisdom will come to you.

Raag Aasaa: Mehelaa Chotaa
Ik Ong Kar Sat Gur Prasaad

So Purkh Niranjan Har Purakh Niranjan, Har agamaa agam apaaraa.
Sabh dhiaaveh sabh dhiaaveh tudh ji, Har sachay sirjanhaaraa.
Sabh jee-a tumaaray ji, too(n) jee-aa kaa daa-taar-aa.
Har dhiaavaho santo jee, sabh dookh visaaranhaaraa.

Har aapay taakhur Har aapay sevak jee, ki-aa Naanak jan vichaaraa.
Too(n) ghat ghat antar sarab nirantar jee, Har ayko Purakh samaanaa.
Ik daatay ik bhaykhaaree jee, sabh teray choj vidaanaa.
Too(n) aapay daataa aapay bhugataa jee, ha-o tudh bin avar na jaanaa.
Too(n) paarbrahm bayant bayant jee, teray kiaa gun aakh vakhaanaa.
Jo seveh jo seveh tudh jee, jan naanak tin kurbaanaa.
Har Dhiaaveh Har Dhiaaveh tudh jee, say jan jug meh sukhvaasee.
Se mukat se mukat bha-ay jin Har Dhiaa-iaa jee, tin tootee jam kee vaasee.
Jin Nirbhao jin Har Nirbhao dhiaaiaa jee, tin kaa bhao sabh gavaasee.
Jin seviaa jin seviaa meraa Har jee, te Har Har roop samaasee.
Se dhan se dhan jin Har dhiaaiaa jee, jan Naanak tin bal jaasee.
Teree bhagat teree bhagat bhandaar jee, bharay biaan bayantaa.
Teray bhagat teray bhagat salaahan tudh jee, Har anik anayk anantaa.
Teree anik teree anik kareh Har poojaa jee, tup taapeh japeh bayantaa.
Teray anayk teray anayk pareh baho simrat shasat jee, kar kiriaa khat karam karantaa.
Se bhagat se bhagat bhalay jan naanak jee, jo bhaaveh meray Har bhagvantaa.
Too(n) Aad Purakh aparanpar kartaa jee, tudh jayvad avar naa koee.
Too(n) jug jug ayko sadaa sadaa too(n) ayko jee, too(n) nehchal kartaa so-ee.
Tudh aapay bhaavai so-ee varatai jee, too(n) aapay kareh so ho-ee.
Tudh aapay srisht sabh upaa-ee jee, tudh aapay siraj sabh go-ee.
Jan Naanak gun gaavai kartay kay jee, jo sabhasai kaa jaano-ee.

(This shabad can be found in Rehiras)

Raag Aasaa: Guru Ram Das

The Creator of all is One. This is realized by the True Guru's Grace.
That Lord is pure, His Being is pure.
He is unapproachable, unknowable and Infinite.
All meditate on Thee, all reflect on Thee.
O revered God, the True Creator,
All beings belong to Thee because it was Thee who gave them life.
O Saints, meditate on God, who is the dispeller of all sorrows.
God Himself is the Master and Himself is the servant.
O Nanak, how insignificant is this man.
Oh venerable Lord, the One Supreme Being,
Thou art prevading every heart and all things.
Some are the givers and some receive their gifts.
All these are Thy wondrous plays, for Thou art the Giver
And Thou art the Enjoyer, also.

I know of none other than Thee.
O Lord, Slave Nanak is a sacrifice unto the servants of Thy servants.
Those who meditate and contemplate on Thee live peacefully in this age.
Those who meditate on Thee, they are liberated and they are saved.
And death's noose is cut from them.
Those who meditate on the fearless Lord, their fears are all destroyed.
Those who have served the ones who serve the Lord,
They are merged in His Being.
Blessed, oh Blessed are they who have meditated on the Lord.
Slave Nanak is a sacrifice unto them.
Thy Infinite treasures of devotion are ever filled and refilled.
Oh many and various are Thy saints and their forms of praise.
Many are they who worship Thee, Oh boundless Lord.
They practice penance and repeat Thy Name.
Many and various are they who read the Smrities and Shastras.
They perform rituals and the six Hindu rites.
Oh Nanak, they are the real Devotees, who have pleased the Bountiful Lord.
Thou art the Primal Being, the most Excellent Creator.
There is none other as great as Thee.
From age to age, Thou art ever and ever One;
Thou art always the same, Immovable Creator.
Whatever is pleasing to Thee, that comes to pass.
Whatever is done is done by Thee.
Thou it was who created all things,
And having designed them Thou shalt also destroy them.
Slave Nanak sings the praises of that Lord, who is All-Knowing.